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Going to baby showers is actually a lot of fun. There’s always fun baby shower games, friends, and let’s not forget about the cake. And most times, baby showers tend to be females sitting in a room fawning over the mom-to-be and staring at all the awesome baby shower gifts that she’s been gifted.

It’s probably also pretty safe to say that about 50% of the room is sitting there getting baby fever as well. It’s hard not to, right?!

But if you’ve been to one baby shower, you’ve been to them all…the good news? You have the ability to change up the baby shower routine a bit by gifting some great and practical baby shower gifts. (and don’t miss the best and most unique baby shower gift ever located at the very bottom of the post!)

A lot of times people tend to think that the gifts have to be all for the baby but that just doesn’t have to be the truth. Gifting baby shower gifts that are for both mom and baby are always a great idea!

practical baby shower gifts for a new mom

After all, the soon-to-be mom needs some pampering and love as well!

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Practical Baby Shower Gifts That Moms Can Actually Use

While the mom is certain to appreciate anything that you bring, try to think outside the box a bit on what you can gift. Things like onesies and bibs are going to be given in bulk so why not look at different practical and unique gifts instead?

And if you’ve had your own child already, think back to the days of when you had a newborn and what you wished that you really had. Your whole point of giving her a gift is to give her something that can and will make her life easier.

This stroller organizer is perfect. Do you remember the days when you were trying to stack everything on the stroller and nothing seemed to have its place? This is one practical baby shower gift that she’s certain to love.

Why is it that being a mom means that everything changes? And while everyone might have advice to give about being a mom, the truth is that every mom’s experiences are different. This is why this baby book is perfect for adding a little humor to the common questions that the new mom might have.

Having a baby changes everything…literally everything. But one thing is for certain…everyone’s sleeping pattern in the house is about to be different. This white noise machine might just be a blessing to keeping the baby sleeping through some of the noises of life.

Did you know that more than likely, babies really don’t like staying in their car seats or strollers all day long? This is where this Baby Dome is pretty dang awesome. It’s small enough to pack around but quick enough to be made into an area that the baby can easily lay out and stretch out those tiny baby limbs.

Do you remember how slippery babies in the bath can be?! Help out a mom by giving her this Blooming Bath Lotus. Not only is it totally adorable, but it’s super comfy for the baby as well.

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Funny Baby Shower Gifts for Mom

The key to being a good mom is to shower your child with love and to make time for humor each and every day. If you have a special bond with the mom where the two of you share the same sense of humor, these funny baby shower gifts can be a perfect idea.

Does the new mom-to-be have any clue about being a mom? Maybe, maybe not…but if you really want to call her out, this Baby’s Owner Manual will do just that. Full of practical tips, it’s a must-have for laughs!

The past 9 months have meant no beer or wine for mom-to-be. And while she’s done a stellar job taking care of her baby and her body, it’s time that she gets back to enjoying her favorite beverages as well. With this mommy’s sippy cup, she can sip away on some wine all she wants.

Just a few years ago, adult coloring books were all the rage. Guess what – they’re still around and more important than ever. Know that the new mom is going to have some time on her hands when the baby is sleeping, this #momlife coloring book is a great way for her to pass the time.

Can I just say that I’m a bit obsessed with this funny baby shower gift? No parents like to be the one to change dirty diapers over and over again, right? So this Diaper Changing Coin is perfect! Heads, mom changes the diaper…Tails, it’s dads turn. What a fun way to make certain that everyone takes part in that dirty job!

This last baby shower gift is one of the best ever. I mentioned it earlier in the first paragraph and I’m so stoked to share it with you! Give the soon-to-be momma this adorable Baby’s First Tooth Fairy and Curl Keepsake Box. Not only is it made of sterling silver, but it’s shaped like an adorable little elephant as well! And as the baby continues to grow, it will give the mom a place to keep those items for forever and ever.

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How adorable are these baby shower gifts?! As you can see from all of them, you’ve got choices between gifting something practical, something unique and something just downright funny.

You can even do a fun combination of all of them and cover all your basis. Treat the upcoming baby shower as a way to gift her with something that you know she is going to love and adore. There is always time to give diapers or onesies…and different things like that but the time is now to give her a gift that is going to make her smile.

With these practical baby shower gifts, you’re certain to catch her off guard and give her a gift that she’s going to love and use!

Do you have any practical baby shower gifts that you’d recommend?