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Potty training is one of the major milestones that all toddlers go through, and something that parents often look forward to the most, because they see the end of changing diapers and watch their toddlers grow up. And it’s one activity that each and every parent has to tackle.

One of the best things to do before potty training a girl is simply making sure that she is ready, both mentally and physically. Not all girls are ready at the same time and this is something that is super important to remember! This is one of the biggest steps that toddlers go through, and there is nothing worse than pushing a toddler to use the potty when they are not ready. If you’re that type of parent, there’s a good chance that it just might take longer to potty train your girl than you want it to. Children have a way of resisting things that they really don’t want to do.

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Potty Training Tips for Girls

When potty training a girl, mothers need to make sure that they have everything ready for the big moment. If you’re not prepared and ready fo them to start using the potty, there’s a good change that they’re not going to be ready either.

Mothers can slowly start to get ready by purchasing helpful and needed tools such as books for advice, and a big girl potty for their daughter. Make them part of the shopping trips as well. Making it a big deal for them to potty train is all part of the process!

When going shopping for these materials, its important for mothers to take their daughters shopping with them, so that they can share this moment together, and let their daughters know that this is a normal and important part of their life. Many moms and dads make it a special occasion by letting them pick out a prize or have a say in the type of potty chair that they’re going to use.

This is one of those things that are important to share with daughters because it will give them the courage and it will also make them feel comfortable about using the bathroom instead of diapers. It’s really a bonding process that can actually speed up the entire potty training process.

When mothers start to potty train their daughters, they have to make sure that their daughters know that this is normal and that their mothers do it too. Telling them that everyone has gone through this is so very true. Each and every one of us have had to be potty trained!

So mothers do not have to be shy when they have to go to the bathroom to show their daughters how everything is done. It’s common for most to have the bathroom door open at home during all of this as well. This is normal, and although it can be uncomfortable there is no better teacher for this part of life for girls than their own mothers. Just be talking to them about the process while it’s happening so that way they know what is going on.

As time passes and mothers continue to potty train their daughters, they can take more steps such as taking them to buy their first big girls panties and having them pick them out. And trust me on this, little girls love this part! There are so many underwear choices out there that they’re certain to find some that they love. This also teaches them that they need to not potty in them to keep them dry and wearable.

This will just encourage them even more, and let them feel like big girls. Again, make a big deal out of going to the store and buying their first panties. This is something to celebrate!

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When mothers want to potty train their daughters, they want to make sure that they feel ready enough and able enough to tell when they want to go to the bathroom and have the bathroom be available for them, when they do. It’s a good idea to start potty training when you don’t have any big trips or activities planned that are going to throw your daughter for a loop. Pick a week or weekend that you’re able to stay home and fully concentrate on potty-training.

This will just ensure that their daughters go to the bathroom on their own and that they are not afraid of it. The last thing that you want to do and worry about is that your daughter is scared to use the potty.

If you find that she is, you might need to give it a rest fo a short time to let her get her confidence back. If you’re worried that your daughter is never going to be potty-trained, don’t worry about that. And please don’t compare her to other children.

There is no specific timeline that your daughter should be potty-trained by as every single child is 100% different. All that you need to worry about is that you’re keeping the lines of communication open and giving your daughter the support and confidence that she needs. She’ll figure out that potty-training is, or isn’t, for her in a short amount of time.

When it comes to potty-training, having everyone calm and patient is what will work the best. Be supportive of the wins and don’t let any fails stress you out. Before you know it, your daughter will be out of diapers and going on the potty!

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