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A cranky baby can bring out a myriad of emotions in you: frustration, sadness, helplessness and more. And as a parent, the last thing that you’re wanting right now is to feel more stress than you are already feeling. Most want to try to soothe the baby and make it all better. And honestly, most want to do this as quickly as possible. Different tactics will be effective depending on the source of the crankiness. It will be up to you to try out some of these different ways. If you’re wanting to deal with a cranky baby, try the following ideas.

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How to deal with a cranky baby

See if there is a root cause of the crankiness

In order to find out how to deal with a cranky baby, you’re got to find out why. Being cranky is oftentimes the way that the baby communicates to you that he or she is not happy about something or has an unfulfilled need. It’s up to you to try and figure out the issue.

You can often make it better by figuring out what your baby is cranky about and addressing that. And it doesn’t have to be overly difficult either. For instance, hunger is a large source of this. Keep in mind that even if your baby has just eaten, hunger can play a big part in a child being cranky. You’ll be amazed at how the term “hangry” really comes into play with babies. Remember that babies go through growth spurts and their eating habits can change and increase rapidly. One day they might be ten times hungrier than they were the day before. You can try to feed your baby to see if that helps soothe him.

Make certain to check their diapers to see that they’re dry

Of course, many babies get cranky if they are wet or soiled. And their crying is a simple way of them letting you know that they’re ready and needing to be changed. You can check their diaper and change if necessary.

If their diaper is dry, you need to try to figure out other possible options. Consider what the baby is wearing. Their clothes might be hot or uncomfortable and cause lots of issues.

The baby can’t just say “Hey, mom, I’m hot!” (but wouldn’t it be so much easier if that were the case?!) Check to see if the baby seems cold or hot and adjust the garments as necessary. Some telltale signs are that if the baby is sweating or feels cold, then you know that their clothing might be the culprit. Also, look to make sure that the garment isn’t too tight. Tight clothing isn’t comfortable for anyone, especially little ones who aren’t used to it.

Babies grow quickly and someone might put on an outfit that is too tight or binding. If someone else dressed your child for the day, always make certain to double-check the outfit that they picked. Also look to see if anything could be causing them pain such as if a button on their clothing is caught in their hair. Sometimes the answer and solution can be something totally simple.

Rock the baby

Many babies love to be rocked. Gently rock them and see if that can help them stop crying. You can hold him or her over your shoulder or in a horizontal position. Some like to be rocked in a rocking chair as well. Just make certain that you’re gently bouncing up or down.

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Hold your baby

Many babies just want to be held when they are cranky. They want to feel you as their comfort. You can carry him or her tightly. Try walking with them and talking to them as well Rub his or her back with your hand. The comfort and closiness might really help them during this time.

They also have infant massages that many babies find to be very soothing. (plus they’re great for babies as well) Some babies like to be swaddled in blankets. This makes this feel safe and secure.

Sing to your baby

A lot of babies love the sound of their parents soothing voices. Just belt those notes! It doesn’t matter if it is not quite on key. (you’re not trying out for a music audition!) Make it soft and low. Keep your voice steady and calm. You can also just softly talk to your baby. The vibration of their voice might be very comforting. Just saying “Shhhh” can help.

Gaze at your baby

A lot of babies are absolutely fascinated with people’s faces. Just slow down your day and stare at them. Look at your baby, letting the love show through. Sprinkle in a few smiles in there as well.

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Play games with your baby

Playing games with your baby is the best! Play peekaboo. Tickle their tummies. Dance for your baby. Sing silly songs. Hold his or her legs and do “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.” Talk to them in silly voices. Do the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” or the piggy game with his or her toes. There are literally so many fun games that you can play! Many babies will get distracted by these.

These are all great ideas that you can do to help your baby. If your baby remains cranky despite all of your attempts or if he or she is continuously howling, then he or she can be in pain or have another issue at play. Really do your best to figure out the cause of what is going on. You might want to call your physician to see if he or she should be evaluated. This can be a simple solution to find an answer quickly. Otherwise, the above techniques can help you deal with one very cranky baby.

When it comes to finding out how to keep your baby happy, try to find out what is causing them to cry. You’ll be amazed at how much you learn from your baby as well when you’re going through all of the various ideas from above.

Do you have any tips on how to deal with a cranky baby?

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