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Are you looking forward to the first Christmas for your new bundle of joy? The first Christmas is always a special time to start new traditions and celebrate!

Just in case you’re a little nervous about how your first Christmas is going to go, why not give some of these simple tips and tricks a try? And make certain to read all the way to the bottom to get one of my most favorite tips of all!

Babies First Christmas Tips and Tricks

Christmas is about family, and no one knows that better than new parents. After all, when you think about your childhood, you probably have fond memories of all of your family holidays.

Mothers and fathers look forward with great anticipation to their baby’s first Christmas, but how can families best enjoy the holidays with a new baby? The good news? It’s entirely possible to do so!

Baby’s first Christmas is a memorable time and here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of this magical time. If any of these simple tips can help, use them to make this the best first Christmas, ever!

Homemade or Printed Baby Christmas Cards

Personalized Christmas cards featuring a photograph of the new arrival can be a great way of introducing a child to the world. And while many people think that they’re hard to create, they really aren’t! With technology nowadays, you can create your own homemade Christmas cards within a matter of a couple minutes.

Online photo sites such as Snapfish, Photobox, and others offer parents an easy way to create personalized cards featuring a favorite photo of their baby. Plus, you get to handpick everything on the cards. From pictures to lettering, almost everything is completely customizeable.

Babies can be photographed surrounded by decorations or dressed in a Christmas-themed outfit for the purposes of the card. The options are 10% endless on how you can create you own Christmas card magic.

Baby Christmas Outfits to Consider

There is nothing quite as cute as a new baby dressed in a special Christmas outfit. There’s just something about seeing them in red or green and smiling for the camera that melts the hearts of all of us over and over again.

Parents dress their babies as snowmen, reindeer, elves and many other things to mark the day. (and if you don’t want to do a “theme” dress up, you can choose a beautiful holiday color of background as well.)

An outfit for Christmas day will make great photographs for the family album and bought in advance can be used for a picture on a personalized family Christmas card. You can knock out two things on your Christmas bucket list this way. Taking family photos and also using that image for your own homemade Christmas cards as well.

Christmas Presents for Babies

Parents will want to give their new baby a memorable present but should be aware that often first Christmas presents are discarded in favor of the paper or boxes they came in! Babies can be a lot like cats in that same regard…cats often choose to play with the boxes or other random objects than the actual toy that they were given, too.

Budgets for first Christmas presents need not be exorbitant, with the focus on the experience of receiving gifts, rather than the gifts themselves. Plus, if you start early giving expensive gifts, you’re really just setting a standard for keeping doing that for many years to come. Why set this thought in your child’s mind if you don’t have to? Instead, focus on the fact that it’s family and the thought that counts.

Festive Gift Wrap for Babies

Little hands find it hard to tear thick or metallic papers. And when it comes to keeping the opening of a present simple, this isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Often the budget paper option (thin economy paper from a supermarket or tissue paper) is the best choice for a small child as it allows them to open their own presents. (When they can open their own presents, it also teaches them independence as well.)

Lengths of ribbon/gift tie should not be used on presents for babies as the pose a strangling hazard and anyone adding bows or rosettes to gifts should be mindful of the choking hazard. You want to keep the presents as plain and as safe as possible to eliminate any type of possibly avoidable emergencies.

Baby’s First Christmas Stocking

A special Christmas stocking will become symbolic of festive fun and family time to a child, so it is important that a suitable one be chosen for a baby’s first Christmas. Some parents start out with a smaller size and have it grow as the baby gets older, but this is entirely up to you.

Deciding what to put into the stockings is important as well. Are stockings going to be opened the night before or hte morning of Christmas? Will presents go into the stocking or just little trinkets? These are just some of the questions to think about and ask yourself.

Figuring Out the Christmas Food for Babies

New parents should think about what their baby will eat on Christmas day – depending on what stage of weaning they are at. If you make your own baby food, you can always try to make up something that is festive and tasty as well for your little one.

Some stores stock special festive versions of popular baby food brands, or parents may like to create a baby-friendly version of Christmas dinner in advance and freeze it ready for the day. However you want to feed your little one of Christmas is entirely up to you but have fun with the flavors if you can.

Make certain that you’re feeding them foods that are safe for them as well during this time and it’s not really a good time to try something new during this hectic holiday time.

And as I mentioned earlier in this post, here is my favorite tip and trick for baby’s first Christmas!

Beginning New Christmas Family Traditions

Parents who want their children to grow up remembering family traditions may wish to start laying the groundwork on baby’s first Christmas. And truth be told, the holidays are all about setting family traditions and sticking to them.

How will the family prepare for the arrival of Santa Claus? Will everyone go to bed early so Santa comes or will there be too much excitement to get any rest?

Will the family attend church together at Christmas or what about having a huge family feast the night before?

What time will everyone wake up to start opening presents?

All of these are questions that need to be answered and can become part of a family Christmas tradition! Hopefully these simple tips and tricks will help to make a memorable baby’s first Christmas!

Do you have any tips to share for baby’s first Christmas?

Baby's first christmas tips and tricks and advice to make it memorable and stress-free