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As parents anxiously await the arrival of a precious new baby boy or girl, they are probably buying all kinds of baby items. The list can be huge and there are so many items out there to buy!

Whether this is their first child or their fourth, there are always things to buy. ALWAYS. It’s amazing all the products that there are out there! For their first child, they must outfit the nursery from scratch. (we all remember that feeling, right?!) For a later child, they might want to give an old nursery a new look. It’s such a good way to save time and to reuse a lot of the stuff that you already have. Regardless of the situation, here are several ways to make the most of a baby room decorating budget: (there are so many more than just this!)

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Repurpose other household furniture into baby nursery furniture

If you have items in your home that you can reuse, do so. Odds are most people have an old end table or dresser that doesn’t get much use or even resides in an attic or garage. There is nothing wrong with giving those items a fresh new look!

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders on these items. Think of it as a nursery makeover. White paint coordinates well with most nursery décor. Plus, it’s super simple to paint and will cover almost anything! If the nursery has a darker color scheme, consider using black paint instead. You can even scuff it up a bit to give it a rustic or farmhouse look and feel.

Purchase nursery decorations through Craigslist or eBay

I love shopping online at these places because there are literally so many great deals. Larger items are obtained more cheaply on Craigslist because they can be picked up locally to avoid shipping charges. Just make certain that you bring lifting help if you need to!

Using Craigslist takes a little more diligence than using Ebay, however, because selection is limited to what is available in a local area at the time. eBay is great for purchasing smaller, lightweight items at low prices. Make certain that you’re always safe when you buy something online and don’t go alone for the pickup. This is just good advice to always keep in mind.

Borrow baby room decorations from friends or family

Sharing is caring! Almost everyone with young children is bound to have leftover baby nursery items on hand. For some reason, we all hold onto it “just in case” we need it in the future. Make a deal to share baby nursery items back and forth so no one has to purchase a full setup on their own. This is a great way to save money and really get good use out of those purchases.

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Shop discount stores instead of specialty retailers

This is the best. Have you ever gone on a treasure hunt in discount stores? It’s tempting to purchase cute baby nursery items at a specialty store, but the same items from Wal-mart will work just as well. Big discount stores offer a truly great selection and it’s a great way to save money easily. A baby won’t know the difference, but her parent’s wallet will. (and you know you’re going to need all that money for extra diapers, right?!)

Add inexpensive items to the baby registry

If you’re not going to pay for the pricey stuff, no one else should feel like they have to. Friends and family love to buy for baby so let them load you up on the inexpensive items so that you’re well-stocked!

Add relatively inexpensive items like linens, artwork, changing pads, blankets, a musical mobile, and a night light to the baby registry. I’d even say to make a registry of just diapers too so that you can add them to the nursery. Diapers are nursery decor, right? They’re everywhere in the room…so I think so.

Shop consignment sales for baby nursery decorations

If I can find it secondhand, I’m totally fine with that. Like yard sales, but bigger and better, consignment sales are sponsored by groups whose members donate items for sale. Just make certain that they’re in good condition and not recalled or expired.

Proceeds typically go back to the group or charity, so members are willing to donate nice items to consignment sales. I’ve scored some really great deals this way!!!

Parents should keep an eye out for recurring consignment sales held by church groups or school organizations. They are typically held once or twice per year and are consistently the same prices so you know what to expect. Great deals are often easily found at these events and you can start saving up ahead of time and stock up on some great nursery decor.

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Check out Freecycle for baby nursery decor

Thousands of people around the world log on every day to give away perfectly good items that they no longer have use for. It’s just the best!

There are thousands of Freecycle communities through Yahoo! Just search your local area to see what you can find. Groups, primarily based on geographic locations like cities and counties, so most parents should be able to find one convenient for them. And if you can’t find it, just ask someone if there is one. Fast action is necessary, though – some items are claimed within minutes of being posted. (and I’ve watched as some only lasted mere seconds!) Whenever the baby can no longer use the item claimed, parents should consider offering it up on Freecycle again, to keep the cycle going. It’s so important to pass it on to others who can use it for free just like you did.

Preparing for and caring for a baby while sticking to a budget takes creativity. But trust in the fact that it’s 100% possible to do.

In addition to finding creative means of outfitting a baby nursery, cost-conscious expectant parents can curb expenses by only purchasing newborn necessities. These simple tips can help you find a way to decorate your nursery easily without busting your budget!

These budget-friendly nursery decor ideas are simple and easy. They are a great way to save money on decorating your nursery. #budget #nurserydecor #savingmoney